De Krook, Ghent

De Krook is a showcase for the research and knowledge of Ghent University. Visitors can experiment with the newest technologies such as Virtual Reality or 3D audio, co-create the future of the city in our co-creation lab or listen to researchers enthusiastically sharing their knowledge in layman's terms. In short, in De Krook, Ghent University brings its top research even closer to people, by letting them participate in all phases of research. We organise big events, public evenings, co-creation sessions and lectures. This way, everyone can discover and help us shape the process of Ghent University's top research.

Lieven De Marez

De Krook is the best showcase for our knowledge. We invite everyone to come and think about digital innovation.

De Krook is also an interactive laboratory in the city centre. From within this lab, Ghent University wants to stimulate societal innovation. Therefore, it brings together researchers from different disciplines, such as communication scientists (mict), educational scholars (Culture & Education), art scholars (IPEM) and engineers (IDLab). The societal challenges of the future require interdisciplinary solutions.

Jeroen Bourgonjon Coordinator for Ghent University in De Krook

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