UGent Delta is here for everyone who wants digital innovation to serve both individuals and society. Our 35+ professors offer a wide range of services. From consultancy to valorisation. Would you like to collaborate with us? Do not hesitate to contact us.


UGent Delta guides and advises policy makers and entrepreneurs on sustainable digital innovation. Our experts are member of several advisory boards and think tanks. From the development of attainment levels for education to the drafting of a recovery plan post COVID-19 at Celeval. From supporting game development at the VAF Gamefund to raising awareness among policymakers about the dangers of killer robots via open letters.


UGent Delta has a state-of-the-art infrastructure to invent, develop, implement and test new technologies. De Krook offers a unique location for cocreation and innovation, focusing on smart interfaces and spaces. Homelab resembles a real house, providing a residential testing space for IoT services and Smart living. Our ASIL lab has state-of-the-art technologies for research on (musical) interaction, production and experience.


UGent Delta is a community of experts with a wide range of profiles. We come together on a regular basis with entrepreneurs, policy makers and civil society organizations to discuss sustainable digital innovation. Do you want to work with us? Please contact us.


UGent Delta invests in education focusing on digital literacy, and digital leadership. We do not only educate students to become the best in their domains, but we also offer them a broad perspective on our digital future. We advise policymakers and education networks on digital innovation, we develop curricula for formal education (cf. WeGoSTEM, AI at school), we raise awareness on digitization in extracurricular organizations (cf. Dwengo, OPSORO), and we organise university courses in which multiperspectivism is a central focus (cf. The Knowledge Society and ICT).


UGent Delta invests in fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research on digital innovation.


UGent Delta stimulates public debate about innovation. What technologies are emerging? What are the possibilities? How can we deal with these technologies as a society? We actively gather policy makers, citizens, entrepreneurs and researchers to debate these issues. Make sure to consult our activities at De Krook, or discover several of our specific communication tools, such as Immuno-T (a motion comic on cancer treatments).


UGent Delta offers training for entrepreneurs, policy makers and civil society organizations. How does AI work? What can we already do with Virtual Reality today? How do we adjust new technologies to suit the needs of the users? How do we make sure that our digital solutions are safe, reliable, scalable, sustainable and viable? Do not hesitate to contact us for a training course tailored to your organization's needs.


UGent Delta aims for societal impact, through participatory research, science communication and service. Our experts are frequent guests on national radio and television, because they can outline the bigger picture.